What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first may seem daunting and so we make it our goal to welcome you and help your visit to be an inviting experience with us.

Below you’ll find some answers to some frequent concerns.

  • Worship

    We strive for quality, Christ-centered worship. We follow a structured pattern of worship (a liturgy), both giving confession of what we believe and allowing visitors to see what's ahead. Our worship service is always projected up front, so you'll never have a hard time following along.

  • Kids

    Our Sunday worship is a time for all ages to be together. Children sit with their parents. We have many young families, so it is not uncommon to hear little voices. In fact, we love to hear them! We have a cry room with audio in case you need a place to take your child out for a minute.

  • Offering

    Our goal is to give you something when you visit, not take something from you. Our members give their offerings to show their thankfulness to God and to spread his Word throughout the world. Visitors need not feel obligated to contribute, and aren't expected to do so.

  • What do I wear?

    Since the Bible presents no dress code, aside from simple decency and Christian humility, we don't make any rules either. On any Sunday at our church you may see running shoes and high heels, jeans and suits, open collars and ties. Come as you are and we will be happy to welcome you.

  • Sunday School

    In order to 'make disciples of all nations' we offer Bible based classes for all ages. Children in preschool and elementary school learn many Bible stories. Teens have their own class to tackle the difficult issues they face. The adults gather as well to learn more of the timeless truths of God.

  • Lord's Supper

    St. Mark regularly offers the Lord's Supper to its members. The Bible has convinced us that receiving this sacrament together is a public statement of our unity of belief. We welcome the opportunity to share our biblical beliefs with you that we may soon commune together.

Church Map

Parking lot is to the North of the building.

St. Mark Lutheran Church Floorplan - Lincoln, NE
St. Mark Lutheran Church Map – Parking lot is to the North of the building.